Motorcycles and Suits – How to Stay in Style on Your Bike

Nothing says power quite like a motorcycle. However it is not as easy as it looks staying fresh riding into the wind everyday. Bespoke Clothing is here to help provide you with some tips and the best way to stay sharp on your ride.

Custom Grey Suit On Motorcycle By Bespoke Custom Clothing

Keep it Fitted – This is probably going to be the most important tip we can provide you. Nothing will save you more than having a suit that fits you perfectly. The best thing about having a customized suit to your own body is just that, it’s yours, and it may as well be a second skin. When you’re bent over your bike there is no tugging, no limits in movement and no wrinkles. So when you jump off your motorcycle you can rest assured that everyone who see’s you can admire how good you look instead of thinking how you should probably invest in an iron.

Motorcycle and Suit Custom by Bespoke Clothing

Accessories – These small little details will make or break your look. Remember to match your leathers and match your metals. Matching your materials is a time old style rule that will provide you with a huge style payout. Once you are parked, jump off your bike and give yourself a good once over to make sure you still will stun the crowd.

Blue Suit Beige Tie Checking yourself Out

When it comes to metals you’ve probably noticed no biker is caught dead on his motocycle without a tie clip. Seriously, just imagine flying down the interstate and getting constantly whipped in the face with a thick piece of silk. Doesn’t sound pleasant, does it? Aside from tie clips being practical, they allow you the freedom of expression, while not taking over your entire outfit. It is that little bit of touch which shows admirers how well you know fashion.

Grey Suit Brown Shoes Bespoke Clothing

True style comes from knowing the rules of fashion and finding a way to customize it. Making your style all your own is something we love to assist with. So go ahead, and live up to that bad boy name you’ve got going on, put on a custom suit and rally your motorcycle to glory.

Navy Blue Suit By Bespoke Clothing

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