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4 Rules For Your Summer Style

Posted by Ryan Hogan on

4 Rules For Your Summer Style

Here’s a list of 4 crucial rules to keep in mind when buying or choosing an outfit. 

Sure we have a plethora of band t-shirts, tank tops, and cargo pants, but when it comes to dressing up for a date, interview, or wedding -- Summer style can be a challenge for some men. By following these rules, you’re ensured all the handsome head-turning action with maximum comfort and confidence.

Rule 1: Versatility

Unfortunately, layering isn't an option during summer. Not because you can't, but because unless you want to spontaneously combust--keeping layers to a minimum is highly recommended. During these sweaty summer months, clean clothes have a much shorter lifespan. Find clothing you can wear often, but pair with different combinations. Keep the colors light and subtle -- darker colors absorb heat.


Summer Style

Rule 2: Breathability

This is vital. As gentleman we can’t always wear t-shirts and short pants; sometimes we have to "turn on the dapper." When this time comes, we must find clothing made of thin, quality fabric such as linens or cottons. Additionally, business-casual doesn't always mean wearing a nice button-up shirt. Out in the heat, sleeve-length can mean the difference between socializing in the sun and cowering in the shade. Invest in some quality polo shirts. They have a professional appearance whilst keeping you cool and looking sharp.

Rule 3: Fit

Though our outfit selection will change for summer, that is no excuse to compromise the overall fit of our clothes. Obviously, you don't want your clothes fitting so tight that you need to lubricate yourself to get them on, but you also don't want them so loose that it looks like you're drowning in fabric. Wear shirts that are snug around the chest and shoulders, but leave a little room around the midsection. Also, wear pants that contour your legs and fit comfortably around the waist.

If you buy clothing that fits you too loosely, you can take them to your nearest tailor and have them resized to your unique proportions. Better yet, buy a few articles of clothing built specifically with your body shape in mind. Bespoke as well as other online brands offer this to customers and it always pays off.

Rule 4: Accessorize

Summer is the perfect time to showcase your collection. Whether it's watches, hats, jewelry or shoes -- people tend to notice these more during the warmer months. And because your outfits will be generally lighter during the summer, don't be afraid to show off your more "flashy" accessories. A quality accessory is the perfect way to enhance a attractive outfit.


*image courtesy of GQ

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