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4 Simple Ways To Stand Out This Semester

Posted by Tyson Romero on

4 Simple Ways To Stand Out This Semester

A Guide For Men’s College Style 

By Tyson Romero


For college students, Summer break is coming to an end. Whether you like it or not, you're once again going to have to spend your time studying and getting to class. Fortunately, this upcoming semester also means a chance to unveil the new and improved version of you. You're better than you were last year, now it's time to show it with your style. Here are 4 easy rules to help you stand out on campus this semester.

Rule #1: Be Bold

That's right. Be bold. Sure, dressing well at the office feels good, but there's just something about being the best-dressed guy on campus that feels amazing. Plus, those "cute chicks" on campus will admire the bold statement you're making -- and just maybe you'll get a number or two from it.

What are some ways to coordinate a bold outfit? First of all, make sure the clothing fits you well. Being the motivated stud you are, you've kept in shape this summer -- don't be afraid to show off a little.

Another way to be bold is to practice using contrast. No, contrast isn't just that thing your high-school art teacher marked you down for every project -- it can also be an important tool in your style arsenal. In this case, being monochromatic is your enemy. Nothing looks better than coordinating complementary -- but contrasting -- colors between your upper-body and lower-body. What does this mean? Try outfits like dark-wash jeans with a nice white shirt or light chinos with a black button-up. These are pretty basic examples, but those with an artistic-eye can create some outstandingly bold combinations. Give it a try.

Rule #2: Accessorize

This doesn't mean throwing on that old puka shell necklace from your junior high school days. Find some new accessories. Some foundational accessories to invest in for college are quality watches, hats and sunglasses. Don't be afraid to buy a variety of styles with these accessories either. Of course if you are, for example, in the market for your first high-quality, age-appropriate watch, you'd want to buy something basic that can match with most outfit selections. After you've gotten that first purchase out of the way, you're free to look for more "flashy" options.

Pro tip: Studies show that men who wear the color red, whether it be an article of clothing or just an accent, are often found more attractive by women.

Rule #3: Dress Appropriately

There is a time and a place for sweat pants and band t-shirts. However, everyday isn't the place. It's important to look like you're making an effort. "Dress as if you're going to meet the love of your life today." That quote couldn't be more true. Does that mean every day you have to wear a 3-piece suit? No. But it does mean that, if you want to look like you have a bright future ahead of you, you'd better not dress like every other schmuck on campus.

Rule #4: Go Feet First

What's the first thing women notice when they see a guy? His shoes. In most cases, guys often pay attention to shoes as much as girls do, as well. Owning a variety of high-quality shoes and maintaining them religiously is an excellent way to stand out in college.

Have a diverse collection of shoes for every occasion. Meeting a potential love-interest for coffee at the campus coffee shop? Throw-on a nice, casual pair of sneakers. Leading a presentation in your Public Speaking class? Wear a well-kept pair of dress shoes -- some great dress shoe types include oxford, loafers and monk-strap.

The point is, guys often forget how important shoes are in the overall outfit. If you want to stand out, don't be one of those guys.

There you have it. By remembering these 4 simple rules for this upcoming semester, you're sure to turn a few heads. If you're in the market for clothing, shoes and accessories, be sure to check out our collection here at Bespoke Custom Clothing.

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