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Here We Grow Again: Meet Our Newest Team Member

Posted by Ryan Hogan on

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Meet Our Newest Team Member

Being a gentleman extends far beyond the way you dress. It also encompasses the way you carry yourself, the way you affect those around you, and ultimately the legacy you leave behind. Here at Bespoke Custom Clothing, we develop the lifestyle of our clients and equip them with the tools to create a legacy. Because of this, our elite team members are required to be not only capable enough to make it happen, but devoted to this objective. In the spirit of keeping that tradition, Bespoke Custom Clothing is pleased to welcome our newest team member -- Tyson Romero.

Tyson has experience in the fields of Marketing, Graphic Design and Video Production. As style ambassadors, members of the Bespoke team need to have a keen-eye for creativity. We're thrilled to have him working with us in growing Bespoke Custom Clothing and more importantly, making a better brand of gentleman. If you happen to see Tyson at any Bespoke Custom Clothing events, please introduce yourself. We’re confident you’ll appreciate him as we do!

About Bespoke Custom Clothing

Founded in 2014, Bespoke Custom Clothing is recognized as the leading tailored suit company in Utah. Bespoke Custom Clothing is committed to providing clients with the highest quality products while striving to educate them about overall menswear and style. Bespoke Custom Clothing is supported by business executives, professional athletes and professional team coaches, to authors, college graduates, nightlife hosts, accountants, as well everyday gentleman who simply appreciate fine haberdashery.  Bespoke Custom Clothing offers custom handmade suits as well as exceptional menswear accessories curated from around the globe. Bespoke Custom Clothing is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information visit www.Bespoke-Clothing.com.


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